Our classes aren't just about learning to move, they're about building a supportive community where everyone is welcome. Whether you're an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, our classes offer a safe and inclusive space where you can grow and learn together with others who share your passion. With our mental health component and mindset-strengthening exercises, you'll not only improve your dance skills but also your overall well-being. Come dance with us and become a part of our family! 

Contemporary Dance is an expressive dance style that is influenced by ballet and lyrical dance styles. Combined with our positive mindset techniques, it allows you to express your feelings in a healthy and creative way. 

Acro Dance Classes combine gymnastics and yoga and are great for building strength and gaining flexibility. These classes are perfect for dancers that want to learn handstands, cartwheels, leg extensions and a variety of complex yoga poses.

Jazz Dance is a high energy dance style that has influenced the elements of several other dance styles. It is one of the most popular American dance styles. Jazz classes involve sassy moves, kicks, leaps, turns, and choreography to pop music.

Ballet is one of the fundamentals of all dance styles. It teaches precise control of muscles, and elegant dance moves. Our unique ballet experience combines traditional ballet and mindset coaching. It increases our physical and mental strength as well as balance.

If you love pom poms and cheerleading, this class is perfect for you! Learn NFL style cheerleader arms, kicklines, and pom dance choreography! 

Stretch and Flexibility Classes focus on muscle flexibility and mobility of dancers. It also allows us to get in touch with your body mind and spirit. We combine stretching and mobility exercises with mindful yoga techniques in this amazing class! 


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+1 309-989-5691