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We offer unique online dance classes that teach students to create a positive mindset while learning how to dance! We offer adult dance classes, as well as classes for kids in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro, Stretch and Flexibility, and Private Dance Classes.

We combine dance therapy and movement therapy techniques in each of our affordable dance classes. Dance breeds happiness and positivity in our lives and through our mindful practices you can learn to manifest the life of your dreams! When you take our classes, you will feel refreshed physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We offer all of our classes online, so that they are accessible to students all over the world.

We look forward to have you as part of our dance family. đź’›

Contemporary dance classes for kids and adults involve a true expression of your emotions. Combined with our dance therapy techniques, it allows you to express your feelings in a healthy and creative way.

Jazz dance classes are offered for kids and adults and are an upbeat dance style to popular music involving kicks, leaps, and turns. We combine positive mindset techniques during warmup and cool downs to reduce stress and increase positivity in our lives.

Stretch and Flexibility classes focus on muscle flexibility for improvement in dance technique. It also allows us to get in touch with your body mind and spirit. We combine stretching and mobility exercises with mindful yoga techniques in this amazing class!

Ballet classes are available for kids and adults. It teaches precise control of muscles, and elegant dance moves. Our unique ballet experience combines traditional ballet and mindset coaching. It increases your physical and mental strength and balance.

Leaps and Turns class focuses on mastery of your turns, kicks, leaps and tricks while while connecting mind and body and learning how to create a positive mindset!

Acro class teaches you beginning gymnastics tricks poses, and choreography, while combining mindfulness and dance therapy techniques to strengthen the body and mind!

This class consists of positive mindset building activities, light stretching and movement to connect mind to body, and a 15 minute meditation to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

This class consists of targeted exercises to build muscles for better balance, stronger extensions, higher leaps and controlled acro tricks. Combined with our positive mindset activities, you will strengthen both body and mind.


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